1962 Ford Cougar

Havana 3am - Reach the Rock

What a Great Song!

Still looking for the record…

Paul Simonon is one of my all time favourite bass players.

White Man In Hammersmith Palais

Paul Heaton

A Great Song and a Great singer

Former Housemartins & Beautiful South frontman Paul Heaton, recorded on Sunday 23rd May 2010 at the Southern Pub, Chorlton, Manchester on the last night of his Pedals and Beer Pumps Tour….!!!

This is my approach to menus using jQuery. I’ll go through it line by line to serve as a mini introduction to events in jQuery.

Here’s a preview of what we’re making. The desired behavior:

  • Clicking on a button opens its menu
  • Clicking anywhere except inside the menu closes it

I use two…

CSS3I am a big sup­porter of CSS3 and also a loyal fan of Gen­e­sis, so I tried to play a bit.
On 23 Feb­ru­ary, Nick La of Web­De­sign­er­Wall posted an awe­some tuto­r­ial about a Mac-like multi-level drop­down menu. This is just my “hum­ble con­tri­bu­tion” to the Gen­e­sis com­mu­nity so all cred­its are due to him.
I used the orig­i­nal Gen­e­sis css for the sub­navbar with Super­fish expand­ing it a lit­tle. It ren­ders per­fect in Fire­fox 3.6.3, Opera 10.51,Chrome 5.0.342.9 Beta, Safari 4.0.5 and IE 7.
On IE8 I am yet not able to under­stand why the border-bottom of the last child is not vis­i­ble. Some of you will surely find the solu­tion.
(note: this is a CSS3 menu, IE goes a bit in the back­ground …)

For con­ve­nience the demo page is in sim­ple html and with no javascript.

Kudos to Joeke-Remkus deVries twit­ter: @defries for help­ing me on resolv­ing an issue I’ve encoun­tered dur­ing recod­ing process.


Demo page


Subnav_Style (6)